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PhD – give up or go on?

PhD studying is completely different from master’s and university study. At PhD level, you are expected to become a researcher, meaning you have to create new knowledge. Is that easy? Of course not! If you meet someone who dares to clap your chest and say, “This is very smart, what is PhD?”, Congratulations, you have […]

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Journeys Diary

What is interesting about Edinburgh

Today I will test a new way of writing, that is, I only play the role of a guide, and the photos will “tell the story”. The story of Edinburgh where I am living. It must be said that this is a strange city because no one of my friends has arrived here without being […]

Take Notes For Life

A bit of foreign traffic culture

One summer night of 2012, I took the Eurolines bus from Paris to Amsterdam. Because it was very difficult to sleep when I was on an airplane or a train, I stayed up all night. Wherever the bus stopped, everyone who go down and up I would know. When I just crossed the Belgian-Dutch border, […]