How to create an account and use iCloud on the iPhone?

iCloud is a bundle of free cloud services from Apple to synchronize data between iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, MacOS and personal computers. How to create an account and use iCloud on the iPhone?

iCloud is known as a famous application that helps synchronize devices of Apple brand effectively and easily. Devices are different but will be closely linked through sharing of data sources. iCloud can be said to be an integral part of IOS. Creating an iCloud account on Apple devices has always been one of the problems that many people find confusing. When your iCloud account is created you will receive a lot of privileges, and only with an iCloud account will the synchronization of your devices take place. So, How to create an account and use iCloud on the iPhone? Come find out with me.

How to create an iCloud account?

Many people think that creating an iCloud account is difficult and complicated, but it is actually easy for you to complete. Or follow the steps below and follow, I am sure you will succeed.

Step 1: From the Home screen, click the Settings icon > iCloud > Get a Free Apple ID.

Step 2: Information dictionary:

Enter your name in the “Name” field.

Enter your Account Information in the “Apple ID and Password” field where Apple ID: your personal email address

Password: At least 8 characters, including capital letters and numbers.

Select questions and answers in the “Security Questions” section. Remember to save these 3 questions because later to reset / unlock the account.

Enter another backup email address in the “Rescue Email Address” field.

Complete the remaining items.

Check mail in your personal mailbox to “authenticate” your account. After authentication, you can use your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.

How to reset iCloud password?

Forgetting the password of an account has become familiar to many people. Especially the accounts need a high level of security such as iCloud to ensure your personal information. In addition, if you want to set a simple password for your iCloud, it is also impossible, because during creating an iCloud account the required part of the password is very high. If you forget your iCloud password, you can recover it in one of the following two ways:

Go to iCloud and fill in the Apple ID information > select the reset form.

If reset by email:

Select Email authentication > Check mail in personal mailbox to “reset / unlock Apple ID”.

reset by email.

If reset by security question:

Select Answer Security Question > Answer 3 security questions > reset password.

How important is iCloud?

iCloud provides facilities to wirelessly back up iOS devices directly to iCloud, instead of relying on manual backups via a Mac or Windows computer using iTunes.  Service users can also share photos, music, and games instantly by linking accounts via AirDrop wirelessly.

In addition to the feature to synchronize data between devices, iCloud also has a high level of security for the device as well as data. Especially the feature “Find iPhone” to avoid theft of devices. Find iPhone helps you locate your device when you lose it or lock it with your iCloud account. But this is also a “double-edged sword” if you accidentally forget your iCloud password, then you will not be able to upgrade new software and reset your device.

iCloud helps you find your iPhone

As such, it can be said that iCloud accounts are extremely important for Apple devices, forgetting your password or letting others sign into iCloud on your device will cause you to lose control of your device. Please remember your iCloud account when using the device.

How to check if the device is signed in to iCloud or not?

Go to “Settings” > “iCloud” > see if “Account” has any email address logged in?

If “Yes”, the device already has an iCloud account.

If “No”, the device has not been installed iCloud account.

iCloud for Apple is an indispensable part, it helps IOS to run better, devices are more connected and especially bring more utilities to users. If you are an Apple fan, then you already have an iCloud account, right? Above are some of my share of iCloud. I hope it is helpful to you.

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