How much does the iCloud cost per month should you spend?

Icloud is extremely important for any iPhone. So how much does the iCloud cost per month buy additional storage if your iCloud storage is full? The article below is for you.

iCloud cost per month

What is iCloud?

iCloud is Apple’s online storage service for backing up, syncing photos, videos, contacts. Between devices like iPhone, iPad, Macbook or Windows computer. In addition, iCloud also helps locate iPhones, iPads, lock devices when stolen, and delete data on a remote device.

Useful features of iCloud

  • Backup and store data with iCloud Drive: You will have more space (Apple provides free 5 GB, want to use more must pay to buy) to store data such as photos, videos, documents, contacts, Note. In addition, iCloud is also used to back up device backups, giving users peace of mind not to lose data even when the device is damaged or lost.
  • Find My iPhone: When your iPhone is lost, the ‘Find My Devices’ function of iCloud will help locate the device, automatically ring, lock the device remotely and even delete all the data in the device to avoid being hit. Data theft.
  • Family Sharing: Helping family members (using Apple devices) can share applications purchased by a single member. Or buy the app and pay with another member’s credit card.
  • iCloud keychain: Security information such as passwords and credit card information will be synchronized and updated on devices that share iCloud accounts to better manage this information.

iCloud cost per month you should pay when buying additional storage:

Depending on the size of the capacity, Apple will provide customers with the monthly storage costs as follows:

  • 5 GB: free
  • 50GB: $ 0.99 (19,000 VND) and this is the most popular storage plan because of its low price and enough data capacity.
  • 200 GB: $ 2.99 (59,000 VND) and can be shared with devices in the family setting.
  • 2TB: $ 9.99 (199,000 VND) and can be shared with devices in a family setting.

Monthly iCloud cost for you to choose /

If you are a student and do not have too much cost to buy more iCloud storage, you can ask your parents to buy a 200GB iCloud or higher plan to be able to share the storage for all members of the Family (About Limited to 6 people only). So monthly iCloud costs will be much cheaper and only at about $ 1,665 a month for each member.

Or if you do not have Family Sharing, you should pay 19,000 VND / 0.99 dollars for a 50GB iCloud storage plan/month. 50GB is very useful for you to personalize all data from iPhone comfortably without having to be bothered by full iCloud notification.

Note: 200GB for a whole family and not an individual for 200GB.

How to buy more iCloud storage for iPhone

By default with any free iCloud account, Apple will give users 5GB to backup and sync data. However, the sincere advice is that you should buy more iCloud storage because surely you do not use the iPhone just to hear – call – text, right?

Therefore, if you do not know how to transfer data to a computer, you should buy additional iCloud to be able to have more than 5GB of data on the device.

  • Go to SettingsClick on Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store
  • Click on the iCloud stream
  • Click on Manage Storage
  • Click on Change storage plan
  • Select the storage plan you want to buy

To buy monthly iCloud storage plan, what should you keep in mind?

  • Since this is a higher-capacity upgrade plan, your additional plan will be 50GB when purchased, which will be the original 5GB plus another 45GB (other similar packages).
  • To buy additional iCloud storage, you’ll need an international payment card, the simplest of which is VISA / Mastercard (Debit). You only need to bring your ID card to the bank to be able to make this type of payment card.
  • The storage plan will automatically renew and the monthly iCloud fee will be deducted from your payment card and you can upgrade/cancel the additional storage plan at any time.
  • iCloud backups can only be synced down if your device is running an iOS version on a par with your previous device or higher.

We hope this article was helpful to you. And through this article, you can choose to buy the appropriate iCloud storage plan with the monthly iCloud cost that you can spend.

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