All things about Hidden iCloud account you should know

A hidden iCloud account is a danger to iPhone users, but not everyone knows it. The following article will provide all information about hidden iCloud account for you.

hidden iCloud account

What is an iCloud account?

First, you need to understand what is an iCloud account?  Apple uses an iCloud account to confirm a user’s ownership of their iPhone.  Since the launch of iOS 7, Apple has added Activation Lock to the Find My Phone feature to help users lock iCloud remotely to disable the device when stolen.

This also means that if the iPhone is stolen, the user only needs to go to the iCloud website to wipe your device, then all data on the device will be erased and the device will be locked until you enter the correct iCloud account.

This feature helps limit the number of iPhone theft, but recently, hackers have found a way to crack iCloud by creating fake Apple servers to hide iCloud and use a pin guess tool to unlock the device.

What is a hidden iCloud account?

Currently, many older iPhones or iPads sold in the market have hidden iCloud phenomenon and many users have purchased these products. So what is iCloud hidden?

The hidden iCloud looks and sounds like normal iCloud can still be used normally, even log in to a new iCloud account and upgrade software.

However, the hidden iCloud stick still stores the activation lock status (does not allow the backup machine to reset) on Apple’s server, so when users choose to “restore” or “reset all settings” the iPhone will access.  All information about the Apple server and device will return to pending activation status until the correct iCloud account is entered.

This means that the hidden iCloud account of iPhone will not be able to use and this is a big loss for the unfortunate user to purchase these products.

How to avoid buying hidden iCloud devices

Customers should avoid buying Apple devices of unknown origin and in less reputable stores.  Also when buying iDevice products, you can also restore the device or reset the factory settings at the store.

If the device can still be activated with your account and used normally, that device is not hidden from iCloud.

Users who buy old, floating iPhones face certain risks

Check the device has hidden iCloud account on the official Apple website

To put it more simply, Apple has officially provided a website to check if the device has Activation Lock attached.  The usage of this website is quite simple and anyone can check the device they are about to purchase easily.

Checking via IMEI code or Serial number

First, you need to visit here. Then enter the IMEI or the Serial number of the device you want to check into the blank box (IMEI and the Serial number of the device can be checked by going to Settings> General Settings> About or Settings> General settings> About). Next, Enter the captcha code (alphanumeric code), then click Continue to check.

If the status is Off, the device has not been locked iCloud and users can completely secure the new account to use.

If the status is On, it means the device is locked iCloud (Find My iPhone is on) and requires contacting the old owner to turn it off.

3 ways to get rid of hidden iCloud account on iPhone super fast

Turn on restrictions for iPhone phones

  • Settings> General settings> Limit> Turn on restriction> Enter access password
  • Scroll down, Account interface section> select Allow changes.
  • Back to the settings, the sync accounts from Facebook, and Flickr to the Apple Store allow display and change.

Turn off iCloud on the iPhone finder feature

  • The iPhone finder app on iOS has an Activation Lock feature built-in and we can take advantage of them to turn off iCloud offline as quickly as possible.
  • Take advantage of the iPhone to find feature to turn off iCloud hidden.
  • Settings> iCloud> Find iPhone and turn off> Enter Apple ID password to confirm completion.

Turn off iCloud via the web browser

Visit the website> Sign in to your iCloud account> select Find iPhone> Click the device at the top of the screen> Select the device you want to delete> Select remove from find iPhone to remove Apple ID link.

To ensure, customers should buy genuine iPhone, iPad devices or large, reputable stores to ensure the quality of the products they want to buy.

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