Database management and its importance in business

It is undeniable that the database has become an essential part of any business. Once building a good database, it is important to learn to manage it properly.

There is no way can we deny the essential role of the database to a business. Every minute or even every second, the world of data is changing, creating a completely new dimension of growth and challenges to businesses. Things do not stop at collecting updated data, companies have to manage it in a strategic manner so that the collected data can empower the business. This is the reason why database management becomes crucial in every company.

An overview of the data management system

The database management system was introduced for the first time in 1960 as a solution to storing and extracting data sets. Users can use such a system to manipulate the data by insertion, detection, creating, controlling, defining, and revising.

As the database becomes bigger and bigger, the management work is such a dangerous work because there is an excessive thing to do. When it comes to database management systems, there are many of them to meet the increasing demand for organizations and individuals.

Some of the most common ones include:

  • Document databases: a non-relational database made for storing and querying data
  • ER model databases
  • Graph databases
  • Hierarchical databases
  • No SQL databases
  • Network databases
  • Object-oriented databases.

It is a must for data access within a company

In order to manage the database in the management systems, a type of programming language called structured query language is used, instead of the normal language, we use in everyday lives. All those things related to accessing, updating and deleting data are performed using this language. And if you want to access the information, you need to make sure that the webserver software is connected to the relational database management system.

Help to maintain improve efficiency

The larger a business is, the bigger amount of data it has to handle. And handing all of the data in a company seems to be impossible without the help of the database management system. As your company expands, database management systems become more important for its ability to handle a large amount and multiple types of data in an efficient way. If a business can get access, aggregate and analyze their data more efficiently, they will be better at making a quick and wise choice. Since competition in the market becomes more and more fierce, such ability will become a big strength, allowing you to compete more successfully in the market.


Another benefit of a data management system is its incredible versatility. With a good database management system and cloud computer, all the staff in your company can get access to the company’s database through any device such as a computer, a tablet or a mobile device. You also can get access to the company’s database from anywhere and anytime you want, as long as your device is connected to the internet.

Categorization and structuring of the data

Categorization and structuring are needed to better handle data. Source: Marposs

In order to handle and solve problems with the database more successfully, the categorization and structuring of available data are a must. The database management system allows individuals and organizations to make custom categorization and structuring. For instance, in a university, a database will save both student’s admission information (including name, date of birth, expected graduation year, hometown,…) but also save student’s performances during the studying period.


The database management system also can allow multiple authorized employees to get access to the database from different places. This is aimed at fulfilling different intents.

Take the database usage in different cases, for instance, while the HR team is checking yearly present days to offer promotion and bonus, the development team completely can get access to the same file to recruit a temp to replace a team member.

An organized working environment

A smooth and more organized working environment could be easily achieved with the help of the database management system. A type of database query language, for instance, SQL, enables accessing, updating ad well as processing data to be much easier.

Manage data more efficiently

The database management system will allow authorized staff to update new data to the database, update changes to the current database as well as deleting unnecessary data.

If you are aware of the importance of database to a business, you will know how essential it is to build and manage the database properly.

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