Driving in Belgrade: all things not to be done

If you see a woman who guides, in general, always comes up with some worries, imagine what it means to see two of them: one driving and the other with the map in hand in a city where the written language is the Cyrillic …
Driving to Belgrade is an experience for everyone. For a woman who is riding becomes an experience, but a bit demanding, since if she does not usually excel in the driving range (so many gags that mock women at steering wheel eh), her less predisposing orientation is even smaller ( So says the mere statistic). If we add that many women (I do not know why) struggle to recognize the right from the left when driving … Do what can come out of it!
Yet, obviously, irony and self-irony, driving in Belgrade is an adventure for everyone and once you’re out there, adventure is one of those that leave a smile printed in the face.
That is why after my experience in that Belgrade at the wheel with a co-pilot friend, I would like to tell you the things you do not have to do if you happen to have to drive to Belgrade.
Do you want me to add more?
Which are written, of course, in Cyrillic 10 out of 10.
3. Believe guides who say that ALWAYS also have placards in English
2 out of 10.
4. Think “first right and then all right to left” …
It takes you to your destination.
5. Impress that Belgrade is a small town
Not only is Belgrade quite big, but it also boasts new parts, other old ones, some malls, and then there are museums, parks …
Try to get out of town with your intuition
Then, again, to accept that the sixth sense in driving perhaps only belongs to the male category? I do not know, but to “my”, not really.
7. Think that parking is free and no charge
The strips on the ground are also in Belgrade, splendid modern capital, with its pros and cons.
8. Ignore written signs because in Cyrillic
There may be “Private Parking” written.
9. Get caught up with the reception that told you the private parking was free
“But no, did not you see the card? The free side was THE OTHER. ”
10. Scary at the wheel!
And if you can not do it, I will be very tired of you.
And there is a concrete advice: come to Belgrade, if like me, you will not know where to turn, and the maps will little help because it is impossible to understand where you are not able to read the Cyrillic, ask for a taxi. In my case, after wandering without hitting the road for about an hour, I asked a taxi driver to make way to their destination (of course paying them) … And the car I picked up only when it was time to leave Belgrade!

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