The beer at Pinnacles Desert (Australia part 1)

Pinnacles Desert
When I started thinking about this blog, I wondered what I did not want to do. And the first thing was, “Avoid starting to say how beautiful this, what other emotion, what magic …” or that is all that does not give anything to a computer reader. Or rather they give nothing to me when I read them.
But there are places and places that can not escape the “emotional” context of a journey.
Places you can not talk without necessarily (s) fall into your emotional baggage.
Places that have contributed to making me the one I am today (and I already see my mom shaking her head, she thinks, “Maybe I did not get it …”). And Pinnacles Desert, for me, falls into this category.
Western Australia.
North of Perth (3 hours drive) is the Nambung National Park which, with my utmost amazement, is not among the goals Lonely Planet thinks of “not losing” in Western Australia (maybe because of concentrating a similar nation into a ‘The only edition was an impossible business for them too. My own is an old version, though.
Pinnacles Desert is inside this park.
As far as I have said that I do not want to use customary terms, the only correct definition in this case is “a surreal site”! Sorry, but I do not find any other terms.
Desert land dotted with hundreds (or thousands ?) of limestone pillars recreating a scenery that personally I’ve never seen elsewhere. Lonely itself calls it “bizarre formations”, and for me that I do not understand a geology and all that has to do with science in general to honor it is a perfect definition.
But let’s take a step back.
Departing from Perth early in the morning.
The goal is clear: go to see the sunset at Pinnacles Desert, recommended time to enjoy it and, above all, not to find a thousand tourists around (which however I think this place a thousand tourists all together never saw them). According to Lonely Planet, the best place to stop to visit the Nambung National Park is Cervantes (the name should have made me unsettle) at 245km from Perth and 17km from Pinnacles Desert. Population indicated: 750 inhabitants. Population perceived when we arrived: 3 people, plus the one who works in the information center.
I was incredulous. Leaving Perth I realized that we got into the famous bush that can also predict miles and miles of “nothing”. I just did not understand how this “nothing” was widespread.
I quote the Lonely Planet: “In the town of Cervantes you will also find an emporium, a liqueur shop, a local offering internet access and one that sells takeaway dishes.” And we’ve completed the description!
But have you ever read a guide describing “what will you find” in 4 rooms? However, I recognize them with details, but there was nothing else.
We find to be sleeping in a motel (not that you could choose, or the motel or the resort: the facilities at the time were 2!) And leave things in the room to go … to the sea!
In the vicinity of Cervantes there is a white sandy beach called Hangover Bay.
Hangover Bay
HANGOVER … Never in my life have a clearer sign of destiny (sure, that if the signs of providence waste me so, …).
Indian ocean in front, fine sand, only the algae ruin a bit this scenario. But I did not even approach the water, a bit because the ocean is not known to be hot and cozy, a bit because within a week in the news they had already spoken of 3 people killed by sharks … Do not I wanted!
The program plans to spend time and enjoy the afternoon and then go to Pinnacles Desert towards the sunset time.
And when it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon, we take the car back to the north.
Here is Pinnacles Desert.
We park the car and already see the so-called menhir: “But no, I do not want to start seeing a piece from afar,” I say to my friend, “I hold myself too much, I want an overview,” and look down to not ruin me The time I’ve been waiting for a long time. (Of course, actually breaking the balls to themselves is not all that stuff …).
My friend I see that car traffic, but I can not look at what he does. Do I have to look low ?! Walking I stand behind him, he is 1.88 meters high and he takes away every view by force. And then … It stops. I move. I finally get this look …
My God.
Here, it would be useful for you to bring back the silence of that place, its rarefied air, the arithmetic arrangement of those “bizarre limestone formations” different from each other, and still the desert background and the blue sky …
Time stops. For at least 5 minutes.
Pinnacles Desert
I start walking and after a while I go back to talk (not that my friend keeps on it …), just start sharing the feelings with him. I start wondering how this is possible. I’m beginning to not have the enthusiasm … And suddenly I start to scream! Yes, because they warned me, but I did not think the problem was so serious. Clouds of flies. Whole Armies. An amount that goes beyond the mosquitoes that swarm in summer on the Milanese navy. And at least the mosquitoes, but with the flies that you do? Once the 5 minutes of ecstasy have passed, I realize that the rarefied air I felt was actually the absurd humor of “500” flies around me. They will not leave me all the time of my stay at Pinnacles Desert! I start to visibly irritate me. But there are two cases: “Or you ruin this moment from the flies or you make a reason for it and do not mind,” I said when I tried not to let her into the ears. And my friend arrives. He has a Beer Crown in his hand. He opens it and does not add anything (when it says that your friends see them at the time of need …). I sit and drink my Crown. I drink a beer that over the years has become “The” beer. And yet, be it clear, the flies continue to try to enter all the cavities they find on my face, I can enjoy the sunset. Pinnacles Desert, Beer and The attempt to push the flies … No one around me. My friend and … the thousands of flies (sure that these moments are more romantic in the movies!) After climbing some “menhirs”, taking photos, admiring the whole and finishing the beer … Let’s get the car back to Cervantes, Pinnacles Desert. The road is still illuminated by the falling sunset. While I see the sign that has become for us a symbol of Australia that warns of paying attention to the kangaroos that pass through … Just that there are also in Italy “so”, and I of goats who cut my way I have never met. And then comment: “Who knows if I will ever see a wild and wild, and not just shut up in a zoo.” And after a few minutes of my comment (I swear it, that was my day) a kangaroo crosses the road ahead of us! Perfect Distance! Just a couple of meters to say so much, and not just one crosses, but after a little comes another kangaroo that follows the first. It also stops for a moment, and then goes on … But what contention! I’m just crazy! And I’m not even a lover of safari, but I find myself facing a kangaroo jerking with a bumper (do you really have it ?! I saw it!) … I could not give any of that. And in the day Of the predictions, there could not be a return to Hangover Bay beach. (That “premonition” was still to be completed.) The evening we go back to that deserted beach. Although there were no artificial illumination, the view was clear and clear thanks to the night sky light. Well, I’m not accustomed to charting, I often find it difficult to do so, but I can say firmly that in my life I have never seen a star like that! A cover of stars that embodied the concept of infinity. A set of bright spots so close to seem tangible. An astronomical observatory not even on a trip to the Planetarium in Milan I had ever seen it with such clarity. And despite the fact that the beers at that point had grown in number, it still remains the most intense star of my life. (The next day of “Bay” Plus the shadow, but “hangover” instead …)

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